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Think Sustainable

Make Camping Eco-Friendly!

Reduce your impact while camping by making sustainable choices whenever possible. You may have ideas of your own to implement which is fantastic! Check out some of our ideas, too. Happy camping!

sustainable camping supplies


✓ When packing items for your trip, eliminate any packaging/containers that may need discarding.

✓ For example, if bringing cereal, dispose of the carton at home in the recycle bin and bring the interior package.

✓ If you have anything wrapped in plastic, eliminate it and use a cloth cover or more eco-friendly choice.

✓ Try to avoid single-use toiletry items. Consider using small reusable containers for cosmetic and hygiene needs to lighten the packing load.

meal prep containers


✓ Try and pack food in eco-friendly containers for storage to avoid excessive trash while camping. Take containers home and use again!

✓ Pre-cook meals, if possible, to cut down on excess packaging and trash.

✓ Bring reusable food covers instead of plastic wrap that fit over bowls or reusable silicone bags to store food.

reusable coffee mugs

Dinnerware & Utensils

✓ Bring utensils, light dinnerware and cups that are reusable if possible.

✓ If you need disposable choices, look for eco-friendly items made of bamboo or biodegradable sources.

✓ Bring reusable straws if needed.

✓ Cloth napkins are ideal, but if not practical use eco-friendly choices.


Check out our sustainable products to see how you can make your camping experience more eco-friendly!