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Tent Camping

two females in a tent

It’s Tent Time!

The best way to really appreciate the value of the natural world is to experience it on a personal level. And setting up a tent is one way to get as close to nature as possible and have shelter, too.

Whether going solo, with friends or family, camping in a tent is easy and fun and helps kids and adults get outdoors, connect to nature and put down their screens for a while!

Have Tent, Will Travel

Tents come in all types, sizes and weights to accommodate families, backpackers, kayak campers and more. You can camp in a tent at National Park campsites, on the beach, along a riverbank or in a remote wilderness area—the sky is the limit!

Our partner, Johnson Outdoors, and their camping brand, Eureka! has a handy Tent Finder that can help you determine what type of tent best suits your needs and what features matter most.

Tent Tips

Once you decide which tent is the right fit for you, consider these tips to help you set up the best camping experience.

1.     Research your camping area beforehand for any possible risks and pay attention to park rules, signage or park ranger instructions.

2.     Make sure your tent, gear and clothing are appropriate for the weather/time of year conditions.

3.     A quality sleeping bag can help keep you warm or cool depending on camping conditions plus provides an additional cushion effect.

4.     Depending on how much you pack, consider a sleeping pad as extra insulation between you and the ground.

5.     Consider a “tent floor” that goes inside the tent to protect it from wear and tear and to add an extra cushion layer.

6.     Use a “tent footprint” under the tent to protect it from dirt, rocks, twigs or other natural objects on the ground.

Enjoy your outdoor experience