New Licensing Leadership & Product Development Vision Set in Motion For National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick© Brand

Deana Duffek to Lead Brand Licensing for National Wildlife Federation & Ranger Rick Brands

When the 2015 Licensing Expo kicks off in Las Vegas June 9, National Wildlife Federation® will debut a new licensing program and an all-star leadership team that includes the newly appointed head of brand licensing Deana Duffek. Duffek is a creative leader and brand developer and a 15-year veteran of the licensing business. As head of brand development and licensing for NWF, Duffek will oversee a global operation that delivers innovative and engaging products, from books, toys and apparel to digital APPS, and fine art, through its licensing, publishing, online and catalog businesses. 

"Deana is a highly talented, proven executive with a strong track record of creativity and innovation – especially in the areas of brand development and licensing," said Maureen Smith, National Wildlife Federation’s vice president of marketing and communications and the person to whom Duffek will report. "Her expertise, design aesthetic, and passion for wildlife strengthens our team, we are looking forward to a new day for our brands."

At the Licensing Expo, a prominent licensing show that attracts more than 5,000 top-tier brands, licensors and licensees, National Wildlife Federation® (booth #B155) plans to promote their heroic mascot, Ranger Rick® with products that demonstrate the company's active involvement in wildlife protection and community education.  According to CEB, Iconoculture (2015), “consumers are looking for more and better ways for their children to learn."  As an example of products that demonstrate this deep commitment, Ranger Rick magazine just won the Parents Choice Award for 2015. National Wildlife and Ranger Rick have won more than 60 awards for their educational conservation-minded content throughout the years.

"With National Wildlife Federation® heading in to its 80th Anniversary in 2016 and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Ranger Rick Magazine® in 2017, the timing is right for me to join forces with their decades of environmental stewardship," said Ms. Duffek. "I am so proud to work for an organization that holds such an honest, grass-roots, and inclusive commitment to wildlife conservation and education, and I look forward to leading our new brand licensing division as we launch new character development initiatives, a robust publishing program, digital games, and an array of consumer products and retail experiences that combine television programming, digital innovation and creativity."

"It is this same commitment to high quality content that we will continue to push to the forefront of our television, publishing and consumer products programming," said Duffek.  "Consumers associate with organizations that promote a positive message for the community, with an 80-year heritage in conservation and community engagement, NWF’s Ranger Rick is that brand."

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