After Divisive Election, Conservation Provides Chance for Bipartisan Healing

In Tuesday’s nationwide elections, voters elected Donald Trump as America’s 45th president and gave Republicans control of both chambers of Congress

Washington, DC – In Tuesday’s nationwide elections, voters elected Donald Trump as America’s 45th president and gave Republicans control of both chambers of Congress.

Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, said today:

“As America’s largest conservation organization, the National Wildlife Federation congratulates President-elect Donald Trump and the newly elected Congress and we commit to doing our part to work together to protect and restore America’s wildlife. During the campaign, President-elect Trump spoke out against the sale or privatization of cherished public lands, in support of wildlife conservation and expanding hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities and in favor of necessary infrastructure investments to address water quality crises, like the lead contamination in Flint. We look forward to working together to address these and other conservation challenges.
“These elections were often polarizing and divisive, demonstrating a deep disaffection and frustration with government dysfunction in Washington, D.C. But there were signs of progress, especially in state ballot initiatives, as conservation funding overwhelmingly passed in Missouri and a measure to reduce wildlife trafficking sailed to victory in Oregon, and voters in Oklahoma defeated a constitutional amendment that would have removed state oversight of agricultural activities. These measures, as well as the election of both Republican and Democratic conservation champions across the nation, serve as reminders that Americans overwhelmingly support wildlife, clean water, clean air, a cleaner energy future, and action on climate change.
“We believe that restoring our wildlife and America's natural resources have the potential to unite Americans from both parties, from all backgrounds and walks of life. To that end, we look forward to navigating difficult issues with the Trump Administration, some of which include revitalizing coal country, ensuring clean water for all Americans, reforming government mandates and subsidies that harm wildlife, accelerating deployment of clean energy and addressing climate change, and restoring America’s public lands. We know that we can simultaneously enjoy both healthy natural resources and a vibrant national economy and we look forward to advancing these important policies at all levels of government to achieve real and lasting progress for America’s wildlife, great outdoors, and for current and future generations of conservationists.”

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