NWF voices support for 2015 memo on conserving public lands

No-net-loss policy on resources vital step in keeping lands healthy

The November 2015 Presidential Memorandum directed federal agencies to take a more comprehensive, proactive approach to conserving our nation’s natural resources. An important goal of this effort is to ensure that we sustain healthy fish and wildlife populations that will continue to support hunting and fishing as well as other outdoor recreation opportunities that contribute to the economies of communities across the country.

As federal officials testified about the memorandum before a House subcommittee Wednesday, the National Wildlife Federation voiced strong support for the emphasis on the landscape-scale view that seeks to avoid or minimize and mitigate development’s effects on natural and cultural resources.

“This nation has had a ‘no net loss’ standard with respect to conservation of wetlands since first established by President H.W. Bush in 1989. This memorandum finally recognizes that there are other vital fish and wildlife habitats that, at a minimum, deserve the same protection,” said Kate Zimmerman, the National Wildlife Federation’s public lands policy director.

“It’s in all our best interests to responsibly manage the natural resources that are economic drivers for communities and states nationwide. Healthy landscapes are good for fish and wildlife, ranchers and loggers as well as hikers, hunters, anglers and bird watchers,” Zimmerman added. “The 2015 presidential memorandum on mitigation is an important planning tool to keep our lands healthy and productive and to ensure they will contribute to our economy and quality of life for generations to come.”

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