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Senate Marks Up 2016 Water Resources Bill

“Smarter water planning would reduce costs, save lives, and better protect our nation’s waters and wildlife.”

Today, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee marked up its version of the Water Resources Development Act of 2016.

Adam Kolton, Vice President of Federal Advocacy for the National Wildlife Federation commented on today’s markup and the potential passage of a water resources bill in 2016:
“We are pleased this draft of the water resources bill acknowledges the need to update the way the Army Corps operates its existing reservoirs. These measures should and could be expanded further. Before finalizing this bill, Congress should adopt additional reforms to comprehensively modernize the way we manage our water resources. Smarter water planning would reduce costs, save lives, and better protect our nation’s waters and wildlife.
“In light of the current catastrophic die off of seagrass in Florida Bay, we are thrilled the Senate bill includes the authorization of the critically-needed Central Everglades Planning Project. We are also strongly supportive of authorizing efforts to restore the Los Angeles River, to set the stage for dam removals on the Green and Barren Rivers, and to improve drinking water quality in cities with aging infrastructure such as Flint, Michigan.”


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