Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. Featured in Braum’s Kid’s Meal Nationwide

The Braum’s kid’s meal program was distributed to nearly 300 stores across the country.

RESTON, Va. – The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America’s largest wildlife conservation and education organization, is pleased to announce its partnership with Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores on their kid’s meal program. Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr magazines, the cherished children’s publications of the Federation, was given as free gifts to kids and families who purchase the popular kid’s meal program.

The anticipated promotion, ran from April to June 2016 and offered four collectable items in the series including printed magazines of both Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr, as well as a Ranger Rick DVD. The Braum’s kid’s meal program was distributed to nearly 300 stores across the country.

“We’re extremely excited to have collaborated with Braum’s on this season’s kid’s meal program. Braum’s has been working closely with kids and families for over 30 years, a quality we hold with great value at the National Wildlife Federation,” said Deana Duffek, senior director of Brand Licensing for the organization. “This partnership allowed us to reach new heights with our mission to inspire kids and families to reconnect with nature and the great outdoors.”

Founded in 1968, Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores are a privately held, family owned and operated chain of restaurant and grocery-convenience stores based in Oklahoma City. To ensure product freshness, stores are only built within a 300 mile radius of the Tuttle, OK farm. Store locations can be found in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. Each location offers restaurants that serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and breakfast menu items. Restaurants also include a grocery section called a “Fresh Market.” It features dairy products, baked goods, beverages, frozen entrees, meats and produce.

Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. magazines, which were distributed at each location for those who purchased the kid’s meal program, has worked for 49 years to instill passion for nature and promote outdoor activity, while simultaneously inspiring a new generation of conservation stewards. The magazine provides regularly featured cartoon and fiction stories, environmental articles for the young reader, a number of recommended outdoor activities, and also educates readers on actions they can take to help preserve the natural world and its wildlife inhabitants.

“We are very excited to work with the NWF because their program really goes hand in hand with one of our main goals as a company, which is to help promote education for kids,” said Amanda Beuchaw, public relations director for Braum’s. “It is a great addition to be able to offer these educational items in addition to our Book Buddy Program, which is geared to help kids learn to read, because it is available for all of our customers when they visit any of our stores.”

The Braum’s Book Buddy is a reading incentive program designed for first through fifth grade students.Braum’s provides each school within the Braum’s area community that enrolls in the program with one Book Buddy booklet per student, along with a wall chart to track classroom progress. Students earn a sticker for every book read, when six stickers are reached, students receive a Braum’s coupon for a free treat redeemable at any Braum’s store.  

“We look forward to promoting a positive wildlife conservation message to the Braum’s community. We hope consumers will join us in taking action in protecting wildlife for our children’s future,” said Duffek.

About Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. Magazines

Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. are the award-winning nature magazines for children published by the National Wildlife Federation, America’s largest conservation organization dedicated to protecting wildlife for our children’s future. Delighting kids for more than 49 years, the mission of Ranger Rick is to inspire in its readers a greater understanding of the natural world, a deep love of nature and wildlife, and a lifelong commitment to environmental stewardship.

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