Burying National Climate Assessment Amid Devastating Wildfires, Storms, Disasters Doesn’t Change Urgent Need for Climate Action

WASHINGTON, DC  — The Trump administration announced today that it will release the Fourth National Climate Assessment on Friday at 2pm. The National Wildlife Federation is urging the White House and lawmakers to take urgent and substantial steps to confront climate change in light of not only the NCA, but also a slew of recent, devastating disasters that have been fueled by a rapidly warming climate.

National Wildlife Federation President and CEO Collin O’Mara issued the following statement:

“It’s an absolute disgrace to bury the truth about climate impacts in a year that saw hundreds of Americans die during devastating climate-fueled megafires, hurricanes, floods, and algal blooms. Releasing the National Climate Assessment on Black Friday won’t obscure the fact that authorities are still identifying bodies in California’s unprecedented megafires, Florida is still dealing with toxic algae outbreaks fueled by warmer water, and Americans are still picking up the pieces from Hurricanes Florence and Michael and Typhoon Yutu that were worsened by climate change. Following upon the recent IPCC report, this analysis is a clarion call for Congress to address climate pollution and community resilience with absolute urgency.”

Read the National Wildlife Federation’s report connecting the dots between climate pollution and recent U.S. extreme weather events at NWF.org/UnnaturalDisasters.

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