Naturalist David Mizejewski Encourages Americans to Get Involved in Wildlife Conservation on the Wendy Williams Show

NEW YORK — National Wildlife Federation Naturalist David Mizejewski appeared on the Wendy Williams Show with wildlife ambassadors to inspire Americans to get engaged in conservation and ensure that wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing future.

More than 1 million species are endangered and facing extinction globally. In the United States one-third of species are at increased risk of extinction in the coming decades. Mizejewski highlighted this wildlife crisis and the need for all of us to get involved and take action to save wildlife.

“One million species on this planet are in danger of extinction because of humans. We at National Wildlife Federation are working to stop this from happening, but we need everyone to get involved,” Mizejewski said. “Everybody can support wildlife conservation and ensure that all species have a future, by joining the National Wildlife Federation.”

To help deliver this message, Mizejewski brought a baby camel, which he used to highlight the grave situation of Bactrian camels, a species that is critically endangered and can only be found in China and Mongolia. He was also joined by a black bear cub and a baby kangaroo, two species that represent great success stories in terms of population recovery in the wild, and a three-banded armadillo, the only armadillo species that can roll into a ball.

The segment ended with a plug for the expanded second edition of Mizejewski’s how-to book Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife, which hit shelves earlier this spring. The book serves as a practical guide to natural gardening and is filled with illustrated projects, plant lists and over 200 brand new full-color photos to inspire both experienced gardeners and new enthusiasts alike. Since its original publication in 2004, the book has been a seminal part of the National Wildlife Federation’s signature Garden for Wildlife™ program. It was the inspiration for the Animal Planet series Backyard Habitat and was the recipient of the Independent Book Publishers Association’s Benjamin Franklin Award.

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