Rhodium Analysis Shows How Tax Incentives Drive Clean-Energy Deployment

Washington, DC — New analysis from the Rhodium Group shows Congress can help the United States move closer to net-zero carbon emissions by investing in American innovation and clean-energy solutions through robust tax-extenders package. The National Wildlife Federation urged policymakers to seize these findings to find common-sense solutions that benefit people, wildlife and the planet alike.

“These findings make it abundantly clear that tax policy offers Congress a rare bipartisan, near-term opportunity to act on climate and transcend Washington gridlock,” said Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. “A strategic tax extenders bill — one that includes incentives for offshore and onshore wind, solar, energy storage, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles — will create jobs, invest in communities across the country, boost resilience, and reduce carbon emissions. We urge Congress to seize this opportunity to enact common sense solutions that invest in American workers and scale up clean energy technologies.”

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