Academics’ Choice Awards Honor Ranger Rick Publications

Washington, DC — The National Wildlife Federation publications Ranger Rick Zoodinos Tyrannosaurus Rex and Ranger Rick Zoobooks Sharks have both been chosen as winners of the Fall 2019 Academics’ Choice Smart Book Award. The independent Academics’ Choice Awards program and its seal of excellence are recognized worldwide by consumers and educational institutions as a mark of genuinely effective learning tools that stimulate the mind, and provide potential for the student to fully develop higher order thinking skills.

“All of us at Ranger Rick Zoobooks and Ranger Rick Zoodinos are pleased and proud with this recognition for our efforts to grow, encourage, and inform children,” said Renee Burch, editor-in-chief of both publications. “We are inspired to continue spreading the word about animals. Helping our children grow into people who value wildlife and knowledge is one of our biggest priorities — we are gratified to have earned these awards.”

For nearly 40 years, Ranger Rick Zoobooks and Ranger Rick Zoodinos have encouraged, taught, and empowered children to learn and grow. Earning the awards will help reach and educate more children about wildlife conservation through these multi-generational publications.

The Academics' Choice Awards seal of educational quality is reserved only for the best mind-building media and toys. Their Advisory Board consists of leading thinkers and graduates from Princeton, Harvard, George Washington University, and other reputable educational institutions.

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