Gov. Whitmer Vetoes Bill To Politicize Natural Resources Management

HB 4687 would have stripped the authority of the Natural Resources Commission to regulate baiting deer

LANSING, MICH.  Governor Whitmer announced today that she has vetoed HB 4687, which would have stripped the Natural Resources Commission of the authority to regulate baiting and feeding of deer and elk. It is the first non-budgetary veto of her administration. The Natural Resources Commission banned baiting after wildlife biologists presented recommendations to ban baiting and feeding deer to reduce the risk of Chronic Wasting Disease spreading in Michigan’s deer and elk herds, which went into effect this year.

Mike Shriberg, Great Lakes regional executive director for the National Wildlife Federation, issued this statement in support of the veto:

“We thank Gov. Whitmer for taking decisive action to maintain the authority of the Natural Resources Commission to conserve our natural resources by ensuring that fish and wildlife management decisions are driven by science. This veto is about much more than baiting and feeding deer and elk, which can exacerbate the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease. This veto preserves Michigan’s rich hunting heritage by ensuring that the wildlife resources which support it are conserved for future generations through science-based decision-making, and not politics as usual.  It’s fitting that this is the Governor’s first non-budgetary veto as she has firmly and resolutely stood behind science and wildlife even in the face of strong political opposition.”

For more background on HB 4687, the Natural Resources Commission, Chronic Wasting Disease, and the baiting ban, read this blog from the National Wildlife Federation.

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