Parents’ Choice Awards Honor Ranger Rick Publications

Washington, DC — For the third year in a row, all three of the National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick publications — Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr, and Ranger Rick Cub — have received Gold Awards for editorial and design excellence.

“Our Ranger Rick publications instill a love of nature and wildlife in our younger generations and inspire them to protect the world they live in as they grow up,” said Lori Collins, editor-in-chief of the National Wildlife Federation’s Early Childhood Publications. “Our staff makes sure every issue is not only informative, but also engaging, age-appropriate, and fun. We thank the Parents’ Choice Foundation® for honoring our publications with these awards and look forward to displaying the Parents’ Choice Gold Seal on the covers of our magazines.”

For more than 40 years, the Parents’ Choice Foundation® has been reviewing materials for children and recognizing those of the highest quality. Only the top materials earn their coveted Gold Award.

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