New Podcast Series Takes Aim at Climate Change

The National Wildlife Federation Outdoors Program talks to hunters and anglers about the changes they’ve seen in the field.

DENVER, Colo. — A new podcast series, released today, highlights the experiences of hunters and anglers across the country, as they confront the effects of climate change on some of their favorite hunting and fishing grounds. The new series, entitled Vanishing Seasons: Climate Chronicles from the Field, is hosted by Aaron Kindle, director of sporting advocacy for the National Wildlife Federation.

“The podcast features the authentic voices of people who’ve spent their lives in the field, watching changing climate impacts on animals, public lands and waters year after year. These stories need to be told to promote action on climate change,” said Kindle, a lifelong angler and hunter. “This series is about helping kickstart those conversations on a broader level and bringing real people to the table who’ve seen the very real consequences. It is our duty to share these stories as a sporting community and ensure that those who make policy decisions regarding climate change begin to better understand the consequences of failing to act.”

The first two episodes share stories from the Mississippi River Delta and the arid lands of New Mexico. 

“Most folks have no idea what’s been really happening in our region because they are too far removed from the changes over time,” Said Ryan Lambert a longtime commercial fishing guide from Louisiana. He added, “I’ve been on the water and lands around the Mississippi River Delta for over 40 years and the changes I have seen are shocking: we are literally sinking into the abyss.”

The podcast aims to talk with people from all walks of life who share a love and passion for outdoor traditions and want to see those traditions protected. 

"Wildlife cares not for borders, politics, or our opinions,” said Gabe Vasquez a lifelong hunter and angler from the Chihuahuan Desert region of New Mexico. He added,” We must act in the best interest of the future of our planet and the flora and fauna that inhabit it if we want to have a fighting chance at passing down our traditions to the next generation. The future is in our hands, and we must act boldly to protect it."

The creators of Vanishings Seasons want to ensure these stories are being shared as far and wide as possible and encourage the sporting community to use their voices to protect their traditions.

“We want to go beyond the doom and gloom that sometimes dominates discussions on climate change. Let’s be clear: the change is real and it is shocking but there are concrete steps we can take to tackle this issue. As a sporting community, we need to add our voices to the debate for common sense policy solutions,” said Kindle. 

Episodes of Vanishing Seasons: Climate Chronicles from the Field can be found at, and will be released every month.


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