Criminal Charges Critical to Ensuring Flint Water Crisis Never Repeated

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The criminal charges leveled against former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and other Michigan officials are an important step in securing justice for Flint and helping ensure the errors that led to the Flint Water Crisis are never repeated. 

“We still do not know the true impact of the Flint water crisis, but we do know that Flint, Michigan, and the nation cannot move forward without accountability. The charges leveled against former Gov. Rick Snyder and other officials do not fully reflect the full suffering and ongoing health problems inflicted by the Flint water crisis, but they are a positive development as part of what’s needed to secure justice for Flint,” said Simone Lightfoot, national director of urban initiatives and environmental justice for the National Wildlife Federation. “Thank you to Attorney General Dana Nessel and all of the community leaders working to ensure Flint and other communities nationwide have access to clean, safe, and affordable water for all people.”

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