Reforming Oil and Gas Leasing Must Remain a Top Priority

DENVER – The Biden administration’s announcement that it will resume oil and gas leasing in accordance with a court ruling, while also appealing that ruling, underscores the urgent need to make permanent reforms to our nation’s antiquated oil and gas leasing program.

“Reforming our nation’s federal oil and gas leasing program must remain a top priority to ensure that our public lands thrive for generations to come,” said Mary Greene, public lands attorney for the National Wildlife Federation. “While the Biden administration responds to the court, we urge the Department of Interior to issue its reform initiatives so that the outdated leasing system is modernized for the benefit of our public lands, wildlife, and all Americans. But administrative actions alone cannot solve this problem. Congress must also swiftly take action to update our hundred-year-old leasing law so that our nation can transition to the clean energy economy that we all need and deserve.” 

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