Reading with Ricky Book Club Will Inspire Young Readers, Bring Wildlife to Life

RESTON, Va. — The National Wildlife Federation and its treasured publication, Ranger Rick, launched the Reading with Ricky Book Club, a new product to advance the children’s publications mission: to inspire in young children a love and understanding of wildlife and the natural world.

“We are so excited to launch this new educational product,” said Lori Collins, editor-in-chief of early childhood publications at the National Wildlife Federation. “By following the adventures of Ranger Rick and his friends, young readers will have the opportunity to expand not only their breadth of knowledge, but also their imagination. Now more than ever, engaging and inspiring young readers by bringing stories to life and teaching youth about the wonders of wildlife is critical in order to create lifelong stewards of the environment.”

The Reading with Ricky Book Club is aimed at children ages 4-7. Each shipment contains two books — one from the Young Reader’s Library collection, which pairs interesting facts with full-color photographs to engage children in reading, and one from the Reading with Ricky collection, which follows Ricky and his friends as they team up to help children hone their reading skills and make reading fun!

There are six books in each series and each set is sent out every four to six weeks. Once children complete this book series they are moved up to the Ranger Rick Book Club.

Click here for more information on the Reading with Ricky Book Club.

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