‘Made in America’ Supply Chain for Critical Minerals Advances Transition to a Clean Energy Economy, Creates Jobs

DENVER – President Joe Biden’s plan to expand the domestic critical minerals supply chain will further our nation’s energy independence, accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, and create good-paying jobs. The administration announced new investments in recycling and producing critical minerals that are required for electric vehicles and other modern technologies. It also urged tougher environmental and labor standards to promote responsible mining. 

“We applaud the Biden Administration’s commitment to furthering our nation’s energy independence as we transition to a clean energy economy. Critical minerals play a key role in that transition so it is vital that the United States remain a leader in the responsible sourcing and recycling of those minerals,” said David Willms, senior director of Western wildlife and conservation at the National Wildlife Federation. “We urge the administration to work with Congress for stronger safeguards for wildlife, vulnerable communities, and our public lands and waters in domestic mineral production and for the highest labor standards for the many new jobs that will be created.”

The National Wildlife Federation, in partnership with Trout Unlimited and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, released a report in 2020 on the need to protect wildlife habitat as the country moves forward with critical mineral production. 


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