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Hundreds of Mayors Commit to Protect Iconic Monarch Butterfly, Pollinators

Record number join Mayors’ Monarch Pledge including: Boston, Charlotte, Columbus, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego & Toronto

Washington, D.C. – The National Wildlife Federation welcomed 345 mayors and communities to its Mayors’ Monarch Pledge program, setting a new milestone for the program. Through the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, each city signs the pledge and commits to creating habitat for monarch butterflies and engaging residents in their efforts, ensuring that local residents are included in the planning and execution of work to save the declining species and other pollinators.

Specific commitments this year include 219 planned demonstration gardens, 172 native plant giveaway and swap events and more than 375 policy and ordinance changes to support the creation and conservation of monarch habitat. 

“Together these mayors are supporting millions of residents to create healthy habitat in communities that will help the monarch butterfly and bring the joy of nature to residents,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, senior director of community wildlife at the National Wildlife Federation. “Together we are helping to reverse the steep decline of the monarch butterfly population and ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy their beauty and learn about their unique metamorphosis and migration.” 

“We must do everything we can to protect the monarch butterfly,” said San Diego Councilmember Jennifer Campbell. "Here in San Diego, we are committed to educating our communities about the monarch, and all of our valuable pollinators, by promoting the native nectar plants and milkweeds that support them. Everyone can help by planting what the monarchs needs in their own yard and throughout the community. Together with Mayor Gloria, the City of San Diego and hundreds of other Mayors’ Monarch Pledge cities are making a difference for this iconic species.”

"Creating and preserving native habitat for wildlife to flourish and for residents and visitors to enjoy has been a priority of our administration. We have extended our parks footprint and focused on expanding natural habitat and outdoor spaces to improve the quality of life for our Pharr families,” said Pharr Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez, M.D. “As part of our efforts, the City of Pharr is proud to recommit to the Mayors' Monarch Pledge program for 2022 and continue our monarch and pollinator conservation efforts in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas."

Despite a slight increase in habitat for the eastern monarch butterflies overwintering in Mexico, we are still far from reaching the Mid-America Conservation Strategy’s goal of six hectares of occupancy in monarch overwintering sites. Monarchs across the United States have faced steep declines due to loss of habitat and the effects of climate change. Across North America, the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge has partnered with hundreds of mayors and heads of local governments across the country to educate residents and create native habitat in public parks, city landscapes, roadsides, medians, community gardens, backyards and open spaces, to support and recover this iconic species. 

For more information about the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge and a complete list of the signatories, please go to:



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