Malpass Waffling Raises Questions About World Bank Leadership, Climate Commitment

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fossil fuels are at the center of the climate crisis and World Bank President David Malpass’s inability to affirm that raises serious questions about his leadership. The National Wildlife Federation urged Malpass to not only acknowledge the roots of the world’s climate reality, but also to commit to leveraging the World Bank’s influence and resources to spur climate action.
“We’re far past the point of world leaders failing to acknowledge our climate reality, the steep cost it levies — particularly on frontline communities and the poor worldwide — and the need for immediate action,” said Barbara Bramble, vice president for international conservation and corporate strategies at the National Wildlife Federation. “Fossil fuels are at the center of the problem, and David Malpass needs to not only acknowledge that, but also to commit to using the influence and resources of the World Bank to respond accordingly. If he is unwilling or unable to do so, the World Bank needs new leadership.”


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