New Wildlife Programs Safeguard Both Wildlife and People

WASHINGTON, D.C. – New programs announced by the Biden Administration will maintain wildlife migrations and movements critical for the survival of wildlife, help prevent wildlife-vehicle collisions, and improve collaboration between government agencies and private landowners. President Biden made the announcements at the White House amid several other conservation measures to restore public lands and waters and protect our nation’s fish and wildlife.

“We applaud President Biden for taking important actions to tackle the biodiversity crisis,” said Mike Leahy, senior director of wildlife, hunting, and fishing policy at the National Wildlife Federation. “The new policy to consider migration corridors and connect wildlife habitat when making federal land management decisions will improve collaboration with state, local and Tribal wildlife managers to safeguard migration pathways. We also look forward to the forthcoming Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program, which will make overdue investments in wildlife crossing infrastructure known to improve safety and reconnect habitats. Finally, we applaud the Biden Administration, the National Alliance of Forest Owners, and other partners for developing the Wildlife Conservation Initiative, which engages and recognizes private landowners’ considerable contributions and role in recovering and conserving wildlife.” 



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