Debt Ceiling Proposal Would Undermine U.S. Energy Innovation, Environmental Justice, Climate Security

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The House Majority’s proposal to extend the nation’s debt ceiling would make unacceptable tradeoffs and reduce essential investments in the U.S. clean energy economy, Indigenous and frontline communities, and other critical priorities. 

“If we can measure values in dollars, and cents, the Limit, Save, Grow Act hedges on U.S. energy innovation and would undermine the health and safety of everyday families,” said Abby Tinsley, vice president for conservation policy at the National Wildlife Federation. “This proposal from the House Majority would radically restrict much-needed funding for Tribes, communities, families, and critical initiatives to conserve and restore our nation’s lands, waters, and wildlife. The climate, environmental justice, and biodiversity crises require more collaborative action, not steps backward. Congress should set aside this proposal and come together to meet our nation’s debt obligations and strengthen the nation’s investments in critical climate, justice, and wildlife programs."



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