The National Wildlife Federation

February–March 2014

National Wildlife® // February–March 2014 Issue

Action Report: How NWF is Making a Difference

February-March 2014

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NWF View: The Plight of Polar Bears

Eileen Rockefeller's poem honors these magestic animals that are ...

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NWF Supporter Helps Harbor Porpoises

Donor furthers research of San Francisco Bay cetaceans

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A Contentious Water Plan Helps Endangered Species

After two decades of debate, a group of water consumers finally a...

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Wildlife Success Stories

A little-known federal grant program for the states is preventing...

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Animal Navigators

Biologists are discovering new details about how wild species fin...

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Shark-Swarming Season

The largest shark migration in U.S. coastal waters occurs every w...

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Harbor Porpoises' Remarkable Return

After a 65-year absence, these cetaceans are back in San Francisc...

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Secret Lives of Loons

The aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has spawned one of ...

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Celebrate Squirrels with The Nut Job

Learn about these clever backyard thieves for Squirrel Appreciati...

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Final Frame: Perfect Timing

A photographer captures an image of a great gray owl sitting on i...

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