The National Wildlife Federation

October–November 2015

National Wildlife® // October–November 2015 Issue

Puerto Rican Parrot Comeback

Once nearly extinct, a rare parrot is staging a surprise recovery

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Action Report: How NWF is Making a Difference

Across the globe and the nation, NWF and its affiliates are leadi...

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Pushing Boundaries

Experiments in plant and animal relocations raise both controvers...

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Eco-Schools Teach Eco-Living

New York City goes to the head of the class in environmental educ...

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Presidents View: Greening Our School's Curricula

Environmental education expands students' minds, health and happi...

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Honoring Conservation Pioneer Ash Brownridge

Ash Brownridge left a wildlife-education legacy that has influenc...

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Do Animals Teach?

Researchers are discovering how some species actively instruct th...

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Elephant Rescue

A roving herd in Zimbabwe puts human ingenuity to the test

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News of the Wild

Nature helps kids learn, explosive insect, first-known warm-blood...

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Why You Should Leave the Leaves

Savvy gardeners know that keeping fallen leaves on their property...

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Final Frame: Roll Call

Adult emperor penguins guard a lineup of juveniles

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Nature's Witness: Ant Turf War

An egg-popping ant makes an eye-popping photo

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