The National Wildlife Federation

April–May 2016

National Wildlife® // April–May 2016 Issue

Habitat Highways

Roadsides can provide vital sanctuaries for pollinators and other...

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Working for Wildlife

From aiding pollinators to protecting access to public land, NWF ...

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Chipmunks: More Than Cute

These striped rodents take on their world with resolutely individ...

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News of the Wild

Latest wildlife news and science from National Wildlife magazine

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The Tick Predicament

As tick season approaches, consider tips to thwart the parasites ...

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Being There for Bees

Native bees face many threats, but gardeners can help these indis...

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Gardening for Pollinators

Invite native bees to share your garden and grow bigger, better f...

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Growing a Better Birdfeeder

A new online tool helps gardeners pick the best native plants to ...

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Presidents View: Take Pride in Planting for Pollinators

Gardening can make a big difference for wildlife

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Nature's Witness: A Sandhill Crane Mother's Warmth

A photographer captures an intimate image of a mother sheltering ...

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Shared Moment: Stunning Ladybug Still Life

Spots and lines of a bug and its perch capture the imagination of...

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