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August-September 2018

National Wildlife® // August-September 2018 Issue

Caught in the Storm

The violent winds and rains of hurricanes can devastate wildlif...

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Anacostia Unbound

Once abused and neglected, this D.C. river is enjoying urban rene...

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Circle of Life

Humpback whales in the North Atlantic need one tiny fish to survi...

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Putting the “Great” in Outdoors

Innovative Colorado program recruits urban kids for nature learni...

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President’s View: The Law of Unintended Consequences

Restoring our natural infrastructure and reforming the National F...

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Working for Wildlife

Summit empowers women conservationists, creating connections betw...

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Winging It

As the seasons change, a surprising variety of insects migrate hu...

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News of the Wild

Less mowing helps bees, frogs fight back and a caterpillar’s dece...

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Ssssssssssservice Animals

Snakes in your yard? They may be up to something unexpected—and h...

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Nature’s Witness: Into the Light

A great blue heron gracefully glides through the Florida Everglad...

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Shared Moment: Safe Harbor

Morning light rouses a red fox

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