The National Wildlife Federation

June-July 2018

National Wildlife® // June-July 2018 Issue

More Than Majesty

From sea to shining sea—and beyond—the United States’ 157 nationa...

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A Game Changer Awaits Passage

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would provide funding to sa...

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Deadly Crossings

Turtles often die on roads, but people can help them navigate saf...

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President’s View: A Bipartisan Victory Aids Fighting Wildfires

Conservationists and legislators collaborate to pass major fundin...

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Working for Wildlife

Scouts help monarchs, awards for conservation heroes, Tennessee a...

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Hungry Hummers

Voracious hummingbirds may be among the first to feel the heat of...

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News of the Wild

Crops need bee diversity, crows use tools and nature nurtures lea...

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Planting a “living fence”

Wildlife hedges provide birds and other animals with food, cover ...

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In Plain Sight

Vanishing through camouflage—to hide from predators or lurk for p...

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Nature’s Witness: Table for One

A tiny pika nibbles a flower from stem tip to bloom

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Shared Moment: Beam Me Up

An otherworldly antlered fly appears in all its glory

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