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February-March 2019

National Wildlife® // February-March 2019 Issue

Under the Weather

Emerging diseases pose a growing threat to wildlife worldwide.

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Eyes in the Sky

Like miniature satellites amassing data, drones are forging a new...

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Saving Stranded Sea Turtles

Tricked by geography and stunned by cold, sea turtles stranded on...

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President’s View: Facing the Threat of Wildlife Disease

A grassroots effort to tackle the unprecedented challenge of emer...

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La Visión Del Presidente

Enfrentando la Amenaza de las Enfermedades de la Vida Silvestre

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Working for Wildlife

Celebrating 2018 conservation successes, encouraging the next gen...

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Catching a Ride

A surprising range of species hitch rides on—or inside—other crea...

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The Secret Lives of Ice Algae

As polar sea ice vanishes, scientists study how ice algae nourish...

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News of the Wild

Hibernating rodents, sunflowers benefit bees and a hawk’s unparal...

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Keeping Backyard Birds Safe

Feeders can help birds survive the winter but also spread disease...

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Nature’s Witness: Into the Wild

Russia’s iconic Kamchatka brown bears on the hunt

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Shared Moment: Survival Strategy

Photographer Diana Rebman captures a midair moment

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