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August-September 2020

National Wildlife® // August-September 2020 Issue

Can Forests Save Us?

The world’s forests sustain wildlife, clean our air and water, di...

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Sacred Ground

Sixty years after its birth, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ...

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Mississippi Rising

Restoration on the Upper Mississippi benefits wildlife and hunter...

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President's View: Bold Plan to Restore America—and Save Youth

A 21st century Civilian Conservation Corps could provide meaningf...

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La Visión del Presidente: Un Audaz Plan para Restaurar a los Estados Unidos y Salvar a la Juventud

Un Cuerpo Civil de Conservación del siglo XXI podría proporcionar...

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Nature's Ecosystem Engineers

Beaver dams create climate-smart wetlands that benefit wildlife a...

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When Nature Falls Out of Sync

Nature is feeling the effects of climate change, but climate-smar...

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Working for Wildlife

National Wildlife Week’s quick pivot, environmental justice round...

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News of the Wild

Shrinking ice imperils penguins, ants do social distancing and or...

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From "Hell Strip" to Habitat

Curbside gardens can be surprising sanctuaries for birds, bees an...

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Nature’s Witness: Cozy Hideout

A photographer catches an endangered species' endearing moment.

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Shared Moment: Graceful Glider

The fluid beauty of an apex predator

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