The National Wildlife Federation

October-November 2020

National Wildlife® // October-November 2020 Issue

Growing Outdoors

For kids, the natural world can be a place of peace, health and i...

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Beyond the Cringe

What makes snakes and spiders so scary? And can we learn to give ...

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Lives on the Line

Idaho’s native salmon are slipping toward extinction, intensifyin...

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A Voter's Legacy

Each ballot cast in an election can have lasting impact on our na...

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President's View: The Joy—and Value—of the Great Outdoors

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, nature provides solace, education ...

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La Visión del Presidente: El Placer y El Valor de la Vida Al Aire Libre

Durante la pandemia del COVID-19, la naturaleza brinda consuelo, ...

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Working for Wildlife

A historic bipartisan win, a sustainable campus competition and a...

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Wild Harvest Nurtures Conservation

Wild Harvest Initiative encourages hunting, angling, foraging and...

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America's Forgotten Wolf

An innovative reintroduction effort to save endangered red wolves

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News of the Wild

Flamingo "friendships," rise in tick-borne disease and pesticide ...

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Wise Advice

Tips on how to attract owls to your yard or neighborhood

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Nature's Witness: A Fresh Eye

A photographer sees New York City pigeons in a different light th...

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Shared Moment: A Delicate Debut

An intimate moment of transformation captured on camera

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Kids in Nature: Growing Outdoors

An interview with Richard Louv and David Mizejewski

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