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August–September 2021

National Wildlife® // August–September 2021 Issue

Coming Full Circle

After more than 100 years, management of the National Bison Range...

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Avian Obsession

The species that first inspired birders

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Babes in Arms

A photographer’s lifelong passion to document young lives in the ...

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President's View: Honoring Tribal Partnerships

Working together with Native American Tribes to conserve wildlife

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Creating Safe Spaces

Promoting more-inclusive outdoor experiences for all

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Migrating Arts

An innovative Mexican mural project aids cross-border monarch con...

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Artes Migratorias

Un Proyecto Innovador que Promueve la Conservación de la Monarca ...

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Working for Wildlife

New conservation fellowship, Michigan United Conservation Clubs s...

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Editor's Note: Finding the Spark

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News of the Wild

Fireflies at risk, cuttlefish show self-control and climate chang...

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Keeping Them Wild

Attracting wildlife is safe as long as you give animals space.

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It's My Nature

As part of National Wildlife magazine’s Nature’s Witness™ initiat...

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Nature's Witness: Sea Oddity

A curious sea lion investigates a discarded face mask.

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Shared Moment: Sea Angel

A serendipitous shot of a sea turtle

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