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February–March 2021

National Wildlife® // February–March 2021 Issue

In Harm's Way

Encroaching on wildlife and natural habitats has made us vulnerab...

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Room to Roam?

The pandemic has offered scientists an opportunity to study how s...

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A Fading Winter Blanket

As snowfall decreases, many species that shelter beneath the snow...

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President's View: Renewed Hope for a New Year

Fostering healthier ecosystems and communities where wildlife and...

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La Visión del Presidente: Esperanza Renovada Para Un Nuevo Año

Fomentando ecosistemas y comunidades más saludables donde la vida...

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Healing Our Land—and Ourselves

Noted conservation writer Terry Tempest Williams on building a he...

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Working for Wildlife

Education resources for at-home learning, a new NWF film, an incl...

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Editor's Note: “A Time of Deep Reflection”

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A Shocking Toll

Saving eagles from the lethal hazards of power line electrocution...

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News of the Wild

Female birds benefit from winter feeding, squids send light signa...

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A “Superflight” of Finches—and Finch Fans

From New England and New Mexico to Florida and even Bermuda, phot...

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Better Berries for Birds

Native species provide a wealth of the fats and nutrients birds n...

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Nature's Witness: Hostile Takeover

A sea urchin explosion threatens a delicate kelp forest ecosystem...

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Shared Moment: Sneaking a Peek

A "cute" critter to some and a nuisance to others, this invasive ...

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Room to Roam?: Wildlife in a Pandemic

An interview with Barry Yeoman and David Mizejewski

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