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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Toms River Township

Toms River, NJ

Maurice "Mo" Hill


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Toms River Township is a large town in Coastal New Jersey that roughly 95,000 people call home. We have a unique mix of natural conditions, from sandy beachfront areas to heavily forested cover, wetlands to farmlands, preserved open space to dense residential areas. Toms River has purchased hundreds of acres to preserve as open space, providing habitat for wildlife. Each year, we continue to make great strides in water conservation, preserving open space, clean recreation on the water, and so much more. I support the National Wildlife Federation and its community engagement initiatives, and look forward to continuing the work to ensure pollinators, and especially Monarchs, are thriving for years to come. - Mayor Maurice “Mo” Hill

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Action Items Committed for 2023

Communications and Convening

  • Issue a Proclamation to raise awareness about the decline of the monarch butterfly and the species’ need for habitat.

Program and Demonstration Gardens

  • Facilitate or support a milkweed seed collection and propagation effort.
  • Host or support a native seed or plant sale, giveaway or swap.