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Friday, March 10, 2023

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City of Glens Falls

Glens Falls, NY

S. William Collins


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Community Spotlight


Monarch Festival Crandall Park, Glens Falls NY

We held a Monarch Festival in Crandall Park on the field behind the pollinator garden. Approximately 100-110 people attended the event. In addition to being educational, this festival was fun. Children mimicked the flight of the Monarchs.

Action Items Committed for 2023

Communications and Convening

  • Engage with gardening leaders and partners (e.g., Master Naturalists, Master Gardeners, Nature Centers, Native Plant Society Chapters , other long-standing and influential community leaders) to support monarch butterfly conservation.
  • Engage with city parks and recreation, public works, sustainability, and other relevant staff to identify opportunities to revise and maintain mowing programs and milkweed / native nectar plant planting programs.
  • Engage with community garden groups and urge them to plant native milkweeds and nectar-producing plants.

Program and Demonstration Gardens

  • Plant or maintain a monarch and pollinator-friendly demonstration garden at City Hall or another prominent or culturally significant community location.

Systems Change

  • Adopt ordinances that support reducing light pollution.