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Thursday, March 2, 2023

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City of Pearland

Pearland, TX


Pearland City Council Member #5

Pledge Summary

The City of Pearland (pronounced “pear-land”, like the fruit), has the unique characteristic of sitting in 3 different counties—Brazoria, Harris and Fort Bend. We preseve many spots for migrating birds, and Pearland is a great place for bird-watchers! We also have a great park system with extensive trails for our residents to enjoy.

Community Spotlight

Action Items Committed for 2023

Communications and Convening

  • Engage with community garden groups and urge them to plant native milkweeds and nectar-producing plants.

Program and Demonstration Gardens

  • Add or maintain native milkweed and nectar producing plants in community gardens.

Systems Change

  • Change ordinances so herbicides, insecticides, or other chemicals used in the community are not harmful to pollinators.