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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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Town of Townsend

Townsend, DE

Scott Lobdell


Pledge Summary

Townsend was incorporated with the State of Delaware on April 3, 1885, and was named after the primary land owners of that time. Today, the Town has 5 neighborhoods and is home to approximately 3,000 residents. Mayor, Scott Lobdell governs town activities with assistance from four council members and administrative oversight from Town Staff. Under the Mayor’s governance, Townsend is committed to preserving a Wildlife Habitat for Monarch butterflies behind the Townhall.

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Community Spotlight


Mayor’s Monarch Garden

Located just a few feet south of the Town Hall, the Townsend Mayor’s Monarch Garden hosts an assortment of colorful flowers and native pants to attract pollinators. The garden is maintained by the National Wildlife Committee and community volunteers.

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Action Items Committed for 2023

Communications and Convening

  • Issue a Proclamation to raise awareness about the decline of the monarch butterfly and the species’ need for habitat.
  • Engage with community garden groups and urge them to plant native milkweeds and nectar-producing plants.

Program and Demonstration Gardens

  • Plant or maintain a monarch and pollinator-friendly demonstration garden at City Hall or another prominent or culturally significant community location.

Systems Change

  • Integrate monarch butterfly conservation into the city’s Park Master Plan, Sustainability Plan, Climate Resiliency Plan or other city plans.