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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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City of Covington

Covington, KY

Joe Meyer


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Covington is located in Northern Kentucky directly across the river from Cincinnati. Covington has just over 40,000 residents and is home to the beautiful 700 acre Devou Park that features prairies and pollinator gardens throughout. We also have a number of pollinator gardens in parks throughout our city. In 2017, Mayor Joseph Meyer signed a proclamation for the city to join the Mayor's Monarch Pledge. Since then we have installed numerous gardens and formed a community monarch coalition that helps us carry out chosen action items. Mayor Joseph Meyer continues to support this effort by repledging in 2023.

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Community Spotlight


Mission: Save the Monarch

Loss of habitat and use of herbicides has greatly decreased Covington's numbers in Monarch butterflies, so the City joined many others in a widespread push organized by the National Wildlife Federation to reverse the downward trend.

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Action Items Committed for 2023

Communications and Convening

  • Engage with city parks and recreation, public works, sustainability, and other relevant staff to identify opportunities to revise and maintain mowing programs and milkweed / native nectar plant planting programs.

Program and Demonstration Gardens

  • Display educational signage at monarch gardens and pollinator habitat.
  • Launch, expand, or continue an invasive species removal program that will support the re-establishment of native habitats for monarch butterflies and other pollinators.
  • Add or maintain native milkweed and nectar producing plants in community gardens.
  • Plant or maintain a monarch and pollinator-friendly demonstration garden at City Hall or another prominent or culturally significant community location.