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Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds™ is a National Wildlife Federation program that recognizes congregations, houses of worship, and faith communities who both create wildlife habitat and actively link faith practices and caring for the environment.

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Healthy habitats and healthy communities

When communities are healthy, wildlife flourish too.

We work alongside local partners to assist houses of worship and their communities with project planning and technical expertise to increase native plant gardens.

The Sacred Grounds program support houses of worship in achieving their visions around a wide range of interests and needs such as community building, increasing access to safe outdoor spaces for all, improving water quality, and creating new wildlife habitat.

Workshops and convenings contribute to the development of networks of faith communities to build participation in houses of worship and beyond, ultimately improving the health of both wildlife and people.


Sacred Grounds in Action


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General Information:

Manja Holland, Ph.D.
Director of Regional Education and Community Engagement

Great Lakes Regional Center
(734) 887-7111

Detroit, MI:

Tiffany Carey
Senior Coordinator, Education and Community Engagement

Great Lakes Regional Center
(734) 887-7118


Natalie Cohen
Conservation Programs Coordinator

Mid-Atlantic Regional Center
(443) 759-3402


Naomi Edelson
Senior Director, Wildlife Partnerships

Mid-Atlantic Regional Center
(202) 797-6889


Swamp Milkweed: Tom Potterfield

Native Plants:

Native plants will thrive in the soils, moisture, and weather of your region.

Bronze Frog: Julia Bartosh

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Use our Garden for Wildlife Resources to help build your wildlife habitat today.

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