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Garden for Wildlife Photo Contest

Garden for Wildlife Photo Contest logo

Start snapping now in preparation for the first annual Garden for Wildlife™ Photo Contest, open for entries September 10!

Be part of a new visual community that recognizes the impact of gardening for wildlife. We are rewarding the photographs that best illustrate the faces of Garden for Wildlife through striking, colorful images showcasing the benefits of habitat gardens on wildlife and people–in urban, suburban, and rural settings, and on land, in the air, and in water.

Photographs may be submitted in one of the following four categories:

People in the Wildlife Garden

rabbit eating a desert plant

Close-Up Native Plants and Their Wildlife Visitors

a monarch butterfly pupa on a metal fence

Wildlife Observed Where People Live, Work, Play, Learn, and Worship

flowers in front of bird bath and Certified Wildlife Habitat sign

Wildlife Garden Habitat Features and Landscapes

Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize (one winner): $1,000 cash prize
Runner-Up (one winner): $500 cash prize
Category Winners: One winner from each category will receive a bird feeder and a copy of Wildlife Gardening: Tips for Four Seasons.

Young Habitat Photographer: Photos taken by youth (age 18 or younger) may be submitted by a parent or guardian on their behalf in any of the categories above to be eligible for this prize. One winner will receive a bird feeder and a copy of Wildlife Gardening: Tips for Four Seasons.

Garden Photography Tips

  • Try not to use a flash. Natural light is best! 
  • Use shade to your advantage, especially when the sun is high, to help diffuse bright spots and glare.
  • Overcast weather is best to help reduce shadows.
  • Use a tripod for close-up shots to help avoid the blur caused by camera shake.

Want more? Check out 10 tips to improve your wildlife photography.

Image Credits: Children in Garden (Teri Brennan, Wild NYC); Adults in Garden (Palm Beach County, Florida); Monarch Pupa (Avalon Bristow); Rabbit (Sam Wharton); Garden Landscape (Mary Phillips)