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About the Campaign

Campaign Advisory Team

Supporters: Leigh Wyman

National Wildlife Federation

  • Beth Pratt
  • Leigh Wyman

Santa Monica Mountains Fund

  • Art Eck
  • Charlotte Parry

National Park Service

  • Seth Riley
  • Jeff Sikich
  • Kate Kuykendall


  • Barbara Marquez

G2 Gallery

  • Susan Gottlieb
  • Jolene Hanson
  • Diane Shader Smith

Western Alliance for Nature

  • Sara & Larry Wan

Miguel Ordenana, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County,

Dan Cooper, Cooper Ecological

Mary Renaker, Renaker Development Research

Julie Newsome

George & Kathi Colman

The Save LA Cougars campaign was founded by a partnership of the National Wildlife Federation and the Santa Monica Mountains Fund, and is supported by a large coalition and community of organizations, businesses, individuals and elected officials.