When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors

When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors, book by Peth Pratt-BergstromWilderness beats in the heart of California's urban areas. A mountain lion known as P-22 lives in the heart of Los Angeles. Porpoises cavort in San Francisco Bay after a 65 year absence. And on the Facebook campus in Silicon Valley, Mark Zuckerberg and his staff have provided a home for an endearing family of wild gray foxes. A movement of diverse individuals and communities is taking action to recast wildlife as an integral part of our everyday lives. When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors explores this evolving dynamic between humans and animals, including remarkable stories, like how Californians are welcoming wolves back to the state after the incredible journey of wolf OR-7; how park staff and millions of visitors rallied to keep Yosemite's famed bears wild; and many more tales from across the state. Written by Beth Pratt-Bergstrom of the National Wildlife Federation, these inspiring stories celebrate a new paradigm for wildlife conservation: coexistence.

Download a free sample chapter, "A Mountain Lion in Hollywoodland," which tells the remarkable story of P-22.

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Grizzly in Yosemite photo by Robert E Riggins   Grey Foxes at Facebook photo by Karl Frankowski   Deer on Golden Gate Bridge photo by Rebecca Abbey

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  • Annemarie Hoffman  I have firsthand experience of Beth's love for and commitment to pikas and all the other natural wonders of Yosemite. Any opportunity we have to create healthy respect for, and cohabitation and cooperate with, the animal world is a moment blessed with grace.
  • Jerald & Madelyn Jackrel  To Rebecca, for the beauty she shared with us all.
  • Charles & Doris Micheals  For Marty and Denali Schmidt, who loved nature, the mountains, and wildlife.
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  • Jerry Voight & Jean Burke Fordis  To Beth, whose commitment to protecting wildlife inspires us each and every day.
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