Experience the Great Outdoors!

Keep your camping spaces clean.

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Enjoy the great outdoors this summer and camp responsibly! The National Wildlife Federation and Johnson Outdoors created the Clean Earth Challenge to inspire people to go green, get outdoors and help keep our outdoor spaces healthy and clean.

Make Your Outdoor Adventure a Story to Remember!

Calling All Campers

Check out our handy tips on where to camp, what kind of shelter you need and how to plan and make meals outdoors.

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Naturally Fun

Put down those screens, get outdoors and get inspired by all the fun activities you can do from outdoor crafts to indoor fun!

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Going Green

Learn ways you can camp responsibly by leaving no trace at your campsite, making sustainable choices and respecting wildlife.

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Trusted for Adventure

A leading innovator of outdoor recreation equipment and technologies, Johnson Outdoors inspires people to experience the awe of the great outdoors.

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