Our Lands

Our diverse and wondrous lands serve as essential habitat for wildlife, support thriving communities, and underpin vital economic activities. We work to promote conservation and sustainable management of America’s lands, public and private.

People outside tending to plants growing in field

Snapshot of Our Lands Work

Tropical Deforestation

We aid in the development of targeted campaigns to grow awareness and support for the FOREST Act and the New York and California Deforestation-Free Procurement bills among others to ensure that state and local government procurement does not fund climate destruction. These bills work to end state funding that drives tropical deforestation, tropical primary forest degradation and associated abuses of the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local tropical communities.

Farm Bill

We aid in strategic campaign planning to ensure that there is adequate funding for programs to help farmers install and maintain conservation practices on their land, as well as land set aside for conservation and wildlife.


Voting A-Z

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