Our nation is facing problems that hunters and anglers have unique opportunities to help resolve.

Hunters and anglers are a core constituency to preserving our conservation legacy. Since 1936, National Wildlife Federation has been at the forefront on issues concerning hunters and anglers, protecting and enhancing fish and wildlife habitat for all species. Whether it was passage of the Pittman Robertson Act in 1937 that still funds state fish and game agencies today, or the Wilderness Act of 1964 which has helped provide some of the premier hunting and fishing opportunities in the world, or the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts of the 1970s, or the "Open Fields" provision in the most recent Farm Bill that provides federal dollars to state agency for hunter access to private lands, or our continued work today, NWF has teamed up with hunters and anglers to make a positive difference for wildlife habitat.  What started as a cartoonist's dream continues as an organization that takes on the tough issues and has the resources and passion to push them over the finish line.

National Wildlife Federation works with hunters and anglers on:

  • Forming coalitions that work together to improve water quality and habitat.
  • Policy efforts that aim to protect wildlife and wild habitats from global warming.
  • Conservation efforts that strive to conserve and protect American waters and wildlife habitats.
  • Connecting children with nature by providing outdoor opportunities for the next generation of hunters, anglers and wildlife conservationists.
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NWF Sportsmen & Coalitions

Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council 

NWF is delighted that CEO Larry Schweiger is part of this important council of peers that advises the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture about activities that benefit recreational hunting and wildlife resources, and activities that encourage partnership among the public, the sporting conservation community, the shooting and hunting sports industry, wildlife conservation organizations, and federal and state governments.


Vanishing Paradise 

Vanishing Paradise is a coalition of more than 700 national, state, and local hunting and fishing organizations and businesses from all across the country that work to restore the Mississippi River Delta.  We must reconnect the Mississippi River with its wetlands. 



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      • John GaleJohn Gale works out of NWF's Rocky Mountains and Prairies Regional Office as the National Sportsmen Outreach Campaign Manager.
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