Andrea Auguiste

Andrea Auguiste

Andrea Auguiste

Director of Regional Philanthropy
Rocky Mountain Region

Andrea Dancy Auguiste is the Director of Philanthropy in the Rocky Mountain Regional Center, where she works to connect individuals and institutions to the diverse ways the Federation approaches conservation success in the West.

Andrea sees her passion for philanthropy and its power to affect change tied to her upbringing in Memphis, Tennessee, and as a product of the Civil Rights Movement. It was instilled in her at the earliest age to heed the importance of making a difference, of making connections, of the urgency and power of communicating and finding common ground — especially with those who may be different from you. It is the fundamental reason why she chose fundraising as the ultimate way to live out that passion and to help affect social change.

From Andrea:

What more urgent matter do we face today, collectively, as a diverse nation, than protecting our environment – the places we live and recreate, the lands where precious species live, the air we breathe and the water we drink? We all have that common ethic that deserves everyone’s participation and investment.

Getting in nature is my sanctuary. It’s where I think and where I solve problems; it’s where I escape, and where I imagine. It’s also where memories of my childhood in the south come flooding back. And while life looked very different back then, my time outdoors truly shaped my appreciation for life and all of its wonders. Fishing with my parents, brothers and sister, picking strawberries in my grandparents’ garden, tasting honeysuckle while playing with my neighborhood friends—these are experiences I can still feel, and very much want our children to remember for their healing powers. The environment as we know is everywhere. It’s more crucial than ever to bring people together, and find common ground to build NWF’s conservation movement.

I am deeply grateful to the unwavering generosity of our supporters at National Wildlife Federation, and I would be so honored to have the opportunity to find ways to fuel the mission we hold together.

Andrea attended Howard University and graduated from University of Memphis with a B.A. in Journalism and a minor in Business. She has been a member of historic Black organizations including The Links, Inc.; The Girl Friends, Inc.; and Jack and Jill of America. Her husband Reece is a professor at University of Colorado Boulder, and their beautiful child, Zen, is a student in international studies, psychology, and French. They reside in Lafayette, Colorado, between Boulder and Denver, and enjoy the mountains as often as they can.

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