Brian Dulski

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Brian Dulski

Senior Director of Individual Philanthropy

Brian Dulski is the Senior Director for Individual Philanthropy, partnering with the National Wildlife Federation’s most dedicated supporters to match their philanthropic passions with organizational priorities. Brian started with the Federation in 2008 and spends much of his time on the road visiting with Federation donors while working to recruit new supporters to the cause.

From Brian:

As a child, I spent countless hours of unfettered time outdoors building stick forts, digging holes for “bear traps” (there wasn’t a bear within 100 miles), fishing in a small neighborhood creek, and exploring the woods for hours on end with my siblings and friends. Weekends were spent at a family cottage letting our imaginations run as wild as we did.

I want these same types of opportunities for my daughter and son. I strive every day to protect the marvel that is our planet so that my children and future grandchildren can experience the wild splendor and majesty of the natural world as I have.

It is inspiring and empowering to know that there are people who share my concern about the health of our planet and its inhabitants. I am blessed and feel called to work with you and others to protect and restore it.

Brian holds a B.A. in Economics from Allegheny College and MBA from McKendree University and works from a home office outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Married since 2004 to Anne Dulski, Brian has two children, Enola (2009) and Charles (2010), and enjoys coaching baseball and playing softball, but would always prefer to be out taking a walk in the woods with his two canine companions Maggie and Ruby.

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