Adam Kolton


Adam Kolton

Vice President, National Advocacy
National Advocacy Center // Washington, D.C.

Kolton serves as Vice President of the National Wildlife Federation's National Advocacy Center, managing its Washington, D.C., office of more than 30 conservation policy experts, advocates, attorneys, and organizers.

He first joined the National Wildlife Federation in June of 2002 as its Legislative Director, helping set strategy and coordinate outreach to members of Congress on key campaign priorities, including clean water and wetlands issues, energy policy, federal appropriations for wildlife conservation, and protection of public lands in Alaska and the Rocky Mountain West. He has testified before several congressional committees, and has been invited to speak on environmental issues before the House Democratic Caucus, the DC Bar Association, and a number of other forums.

Prior to the National Wildlife Federation, Adam served as the Arctic Campaign Director for the Alaska Wilderness League, where he helped lead the conservation community's successful campaign to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from 1997 to 2002.

Kolton graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in journalism and history.

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