Amazing Aquatic Species

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Amazing Aquatic Species

Hosted by Naturalist David Mizejewski

Naturalist David Mizejewski explores some of North America’s most fascinating aquatic and marine wildlife. From creatures who pre-date dinosaurs to others whose drive to survive ends in a lengthy death march, David shares captivating details about wildlife found in our waters. Highlighting amazing species like salmon, otters, leatherback sea turtles, horseshoe crabs, and hellbender salamanders, this webcast gives insight into the incredible behaviors that make each of these animals so very unique.

Recorded February 25, 2021.

Sockeye salmon swimming in Kenai River, Alaska

Tell Congress to Save Wild Salmon from Warming Waters

During this webcast, David spoke about mighty wild salmon of the Northwest.

The negative impacts of dams, worsened by our changing climate, are raising water temperatures and pushing these wild salmon closer to the brink of extinction. Yet a proposal to restore the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia River basin would lay the groundwork for the largest river and salmon restoration project in history. Will you consider standing with the Federation by urging Congress to act?


Salmon swimming

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Learn more about the proposed Columbia Basin Fund at

Take a journey through the Columbia River Basin to see the many ways Northwest salmon runs have shaped lives, communities, and the region at

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