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National Pollinator Month

This June, we’re celebrating the third-year anniversary of the launch of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, a national initiative to bring back the bees. June 19-26 is Pollinator Week, but we are celebrating pollinators all month long.

Certify for Pollinators and Save

EXTENDED for Pollinator Month! Certify in June and SAVE and BEE COUNTED towards the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge! Save $10 when you certify and purchase a Certified Wildlife Habitat sign during Pollinator Month. Promo Code: GARDEN18




Your application fee supports the National Wildlife Federation’s work to protect and restore key habitats for bees, butterflies, birds, amphibians and other wildlife nationwide.

In order to certify, you must provide food, water, cover, places to raise young, and employ sustainable gardening practices. Learn how to develop a Certified Wildlife Habitat with our step-by-step guide.

“Bee” Part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

The National Pollinator Garden Network launched the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge to increase the amount of nectar and pollen food sources to reverse the alarming decline of pollinators such as honey bees, native bees and monarch butterflies.

The National Wildlife Federation co-founded the Network to rally hundreds of thousands of gardeners, horticultural professionals, schools, and volunteers to help reach a million pollinator gardens.

Certify your garden or yard today and “bee” counted towards the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge!