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Enjoy Nature and Gardening at Home

In these uncertain times, nature has never been more important. Gardening is a great way to connect with the outdoors and help us discover our wildlife neighbors. Here are three easy ways you and your family can enjoy nature at home and create healthy, beautiful spaces to relax and unwind.

Botanical Interests High-Quality Seed

1. Plant Seeds for a Wildlife-Friendly Garden

Attracting wildlife to your garden starts with seed. Botanical Interests provides organic, non-GMO and open-pollinated seed for sustainable food gardens and wildlife habitats.

Purchase through the Botanical Interests site to support our Garden for Wildlife habitat efforts. Check out options for milkweed native to your region, and other native bird-friendly and pollinator-friendly plants.

2. Create a Sustainable Garden Habitat

Purchase products to certify your habitat and help wildlife thrive. By creating a natural garden that provides food, water, cover, and places to raise young, you are providing the essential elements of wildlife habitat. Enhance your wildlife garden or add an essential element you need.

New kits will help you enjoy the wing beats of hummingbirds and monarch butterflies in your outdoor space. These kits provide all you need to start a garden that supports local wildlife, including regionally appropriate seeds and tools to identify visiting species.

Gardener's Supply Club - Gear Up for the Garden - Shop Now

3. Gear Up With Supplies for Sustainable Gardening

Maintain your garden in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way ensures that the soil, air, and water that native wildlife (and people) need stay clean and healthy.

Purchase through the Gardener's Supply Company site to support our Garden for Wildlife habitat efforts. Check out options for organic soil, garden tools, composters, and many other garden supplies.